GCG Board Members & Committees

The seven Officers of GCG are elected each summer and installed at the September Meeting. They are responsible for the administration of the grotto business. But, that doesn't mean they do all the work. Their success, and the grotto's well-being, depends on the help and support they receive from the membership. Don't wait to be asked ... please step up and help wherever and whenever you can.
Position Officer
Chair Debi Pavey
Vice-Chair Danielle DeMaris
Treasurer Adam Mathis
Secretary Mike Wuerth
Editor Chris Bauer
Conservation Stephanie Suen
Librarian Katlyn Coleman

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Committee Chairs
Membership Gary Bush
Youth Groups Darryl Marsh
Vertical Co-Chairs Chris Bauer
          " Aaron Bird
Cartography Co-Chairs Chris Bauer
          " Aaron Bird
Social Media Katlyn Coleman
Cave Rescue Stephanie Suen
Museum Center --(Open)--