GSP Open House: Every year, on the weekend AFTER Mother's day, we open the Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve to the general public. Under the conditions for acquiring the Preserve, the Rockcastle Karst Conservany is not allowed to operate GSP as a commercial venture. However, we may, and are encouraged to, open the property to educate the public about the importance of caves to the environment and their place as laboratories into the study of the many aspects of the science of Speleology. Those aspects include geology, hydrology, biology, chemistry, archeology, and paleontology. The annual Open House invites the public in to also hear about the importance of caves to their community, as much of their water supply courses through caves. There's no charge for the guided cave tours, but donations are accepted to help support the upkeep of this important historical site. As GSP is staffed solely by volunteers from the four sponsoring grottos, we must limit Open House to this single weekend each year.

School Field Trips: Each spring and fall volunteers from Greater Cincinnati Grotto host school field trips at Great Saltpetre Preserve. Students and their teachers from Rockcastle, Pulaski, Jackson, Lincoln, Madison, and Laurel counties get to spend the day at the Preserve and learn about caves and bats, and they get to tour Great Saltpetre Cave. For more information, contact Neena Jud at

Special!   Wilderness First Aid Class: The Greater Cincinnati Grotto is pleased to sponsor a special training class in Wilderness First Aid on July 20-21, 2024, to be held at GSP. This Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course, through SOLO Wilderness and Emergency Medicine Schools, is hosted by GCG and the Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve (GSP) at a greatly discounted price of $165 per student. An optional CPR course is available for $30 per WFA-registered student, but is limited to 15 students. The hosting organizations are doing this to help enable local cavers and outdoors enthusiasts to gain these critical skills.
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