Renew Your Membership

Existing GCG members can now renew their membership on-line, using the PayPal button below.

All Greater Cincinnati Grotto (GCG), Dayton Underground Grotto (DUG), Bluegrass Grotto (BGG), and Central Ohio Grotto (COG) members must submit a signed, permanent GSP waiver form.   Click here to download the Waiver form. After completing and signing the form for every member in the family, you may scan it and email it to your Membership Chair.  Otherwise, you can forward the signed forms to your Membership Chair via postal mail. Once submitted, you won't have to sign another permanent waiver, unless you change your address.

If you prefer renewing the "old" way, by postal mail, download the GCG Renewal Form by clicking here, then mailing it, with your check and signed Waivers (pages 3 & 4 of the renewal form), if necessary, to the address on the form.

To renew online, select the correct membership type below from the drop down menu, and then enter your name and NSS number (if applicable) into the box below it, and then click the "Buy Now" button.  You will be taken to the PayPal site, where you can use a credit or debit card, or your PayPal account, to pay your dues. Your card or account won't be charged until you hit the final "Pay Now" button. But, before you finally "Pay Now", open the "add a note" link near the bottom of the form and enter any information that's changed this past year, so we can update your file. If you're renewing a family membership, please enter your individual family member's names and, if they have one, their NSS numbers, so we know whether to make them a Regular or Associate member. [Note: Anyone under 18 can only be an Associate member, even if they are NSS, so include their ages ... that can be as simple as "under 18" or "over 17", if the person is sensitive about it.]  If there are major changes in your contact information, please send an email with the changes to the Membership Chair, Gary Bush.


NOTE: To select "Regular", you must also be a paid-up NSS member.

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